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The Indigo Children Book

An Indigo Celebration Book

This year, we were blessed to become parents to our New Earth's Child, Lillian. From the moment she was born, we knew she had gifts to share with the world and that she arrived here with a mission. Our lives have forever been changed and a new purpose has emerged for us. Her presence she has taken us to new levels of enlightenment. Seeing the signs and visions, following the guidance and messages she provides, our life path is becoming clearer.  From this the "New Earth's Children Foundation" was born.


The New Earth's Children Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation established by James, Kari & Lillian Laker to aid us in our service and lead to the successful completion of our vision, mission and projects.  Our aim is to offer support and inspiration for one another, to provide a platform for the children to share their messages with the world and for humanity to evolve to the higher levels of consciousness that these souls have brought with them to our planet.


Feel free to connect with us on Facebook at: New Earth's Children Facebook Community Group.


Our world is on the brink of a shift; a new age is upon us. If you are reading this, you are apart of this global shift. Heaven on Earth and the eyes to see it, are within reach. It is the children of this new Earth that will be our wayshowers.


"The Children of the New Earth will be our Wayshowers"

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